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Filming Snow White and the Huntsman at Marloes Sands

After seeing the filming of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Robin Hood on the Freshwater West beach, Third Star in Barafundle Bay we have again the film crews back in Pembrokeshire for the filming of Snow White and the Huntsman on my favourite beach Marloes Sands.

Filming should be around September 26th – 29th and should mainly involve filming of about 80 horses galloping towards a computer generated castle* on Gateholm island. The film has some amazing actors in it like Kristen Stewart as Snow White and Charlize Theron as Ravenna, the Evil Queen. Other actors include Ian McShane, Bob Hoskins and Eddie Izzard. However the filming at Marloes Sands might not actually include any of these big names πŸ™

Might have a look at the filming next week to see if they are doing it right πŸ˜‰

* Source of information: @MrSimonWood

Update September 27th 2011
Drove down to the film set today. Was a bit worried access would be severely restricted but I found out from the National Trust officer that the production company was not granted a licence to close off the beach and was specifically ordered to leave the Marloes Sands beach and the path to it opened to the public at all times.

So that meant the path from the National Trust to the beach and the beach itself is accessible. Of course that includes the coastal path which offers very good viewing of the film set, but don’t forget to bring your extra strong binoculars and camera lenses.

When I was there they were filming on the NW part of the beach. I had a walk down the SE side but by the time I came back they moved a bit towards us so my friend and I were politely asked to move to the side. A security guard also politely asked me not to take any photos of the actors on the beach as they are a bit sensitive about it. Don’t know how some other photos were taken of the filmset. Maybe they have special privileges πŸ˜‰ At least you can walk right on the set and nobody really minded, we were quite discreet and did not get in the way. The tent at the top of the ramp is used for catering and there were some nice smells coming from there that made us mighty hungry. Should have asked for a snack as by the time we arrived at the Lobster Pot in Marloes and the Griffin in Dale they were both closed for food serving πŸ™

Sorry guys, there is temporarily something wrong with the Google Picasa system that results in the below gallery to only show the old photos, not the new ones. Click here for my public Facebook album, but you have to log into Facebook to see it:

Uploaded them manually so they are all there below!
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The requested URL /data/feed/api/user/martin.mcdowell/album/MarloesSandsFilmingOfSnowWhiteAndTheHuntsman?kind=photo was not found on this server. That’s all we know.

Here are photos from Marloes Sands I took since moving to the area in 2007.


Filming locations

Robin Hood filmset all ready at Freshwater West

Second location at the south Freshwater West carpark
Second location at the south Freshwater West carpark

Had the opportunity to have a walk from Angle to the Freshwater West beach and it looks the production team has a lot of logistics to deal with. They seem to have chosen two locations to pitch-up marquees, one is just of the turn from the road to Angle on B4320 and B4319. The second, you could say the main, location is right next to the beach at the southern carpark.

[umap id=”34373″ size=”sq” alignment=”right”]The first one looks like its going to house animals, I presume horses. Actually I am surprised there is nobody already writing about this who is already involved with the production. Perhaps they have a confidentiality clause πŸ˜‰ Well I don’t :-))

Just a warning to anyone who would want to have a look at the filming location. The B4319 road will be closed next week from June 15th to June 30th.

Filming locations

Freshwater West meets Harry Potter and Robin Hood

Freshwater West beach in Pembrokeshire
Freshwater West beach in Pembrokeshire

Of course not literally, but it was published today in the local newspaper that the Freshwater West (the location of one of my recent trecks: The difference is in the Angle) will be used as a filming location for the upcoming movies Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood remake.

The debate is now mostly concerning whether the beach will still be opened to the public and when the road will be closed during the filming in May and June 2009. The biggest problem I see is that there isn’t much parking available close to the beach anyway so I suppose that is why they will shut the road off.

See the gallery from the hike here and here are some photos taken of the beach…




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Marloes Sands

I have tried to visit this place before but the last time got a bit disappointed as there was the standard parking fee. Today was a very good time to see the place, sunny and not a lot of people on it. Oh yes, and the parking was free. By the way, I am all for conservation and good old cash goes a long way in conservation but ripping local of so that they can use the local nature is just wrong. The place sees a lot of tourists but the rest of Pembrokeshire-ians live here and want to enjoy the surroundings so why are the locals charges just as tourists are.

In any case, Marloes Sands is definately not to be missed if you visit Pembrokeshire. Different from lonf sandy beaches like Pendine, Newgale or Whitesands there is lots of interesting tectonics that make Marloes Sands very uniquie to the point of being eerie. I kept on expecting dinosaurs to come charging at me round the corner.