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Improving the chance you are reachable when on-call

Recently I have been on-call a lot – as a veterinary surgeon, of course. However the village I am staying in has very poor mobile reception, especially indoors so I have come up with a system to improve my chances that the clients can reach me when I am on call at home. I also do not have use of a land-line, but I do have a WiFi connection.

As often the case when staying in an area with a poor mobile signal the indicating bars can come and gome at will and I often end up with a nice stop sign that indicates I have absolutely nothing, zilch, nada of a mobile signal. Moments when this happens are impossible to predict. So how will clients be able to reach me if that happens?

I found a solution in FlyNumber and a separate voip provider. In my case Sip2Ssip however you can now use Fly Number as a voip provider as well. Not to be to technical, Fly Number provides you with a local phone number which you can use to redirect calls to a VOIP (voice Over IP) provider, which is a fancy abbreviation for a internet phone connection. This internet phone connection can be established for example on you PC, laptop or, even better, on you smartphone.


  • an account with Fly Number or any other phone number provider (however I found this one the best by far)
  • an account with a VOIP provider like Sip2Sip, Fly Number, Skype…
  • a WiFi signal with a working internet connection
  • smartphone

Basically I setup a new UK number (as this is where I live). I set the number up so that all calls get forwarded to an ITSP – I already had an account setup with Sip2Sip which FlyNumber recommended. I have a Samsung smartphone where I have installed Zopier and linked it to my Sip2Sip account. However after the recent JellyBean upgrade I seem to have got the phone to take incoming voip calls through Sip2Sip.
I am working at this current practice for 2 months so I went for the three month FlyNumber account but with no repeat subscriptions.
I also setup my phone to redirect all calls when I am unreachable to the FlyNumber I purchased.

So as long as I am logged onto the wifi in my accommodation – or anywhere else and if the mobile signal is lost, then my calls will go via voip to my mobile phone. Brilliant.

Update February 2015

I have been contacted by Fly Number about this post as they monitor any mention of their company on the net. They offered me three months credit if I put a link to them. Well as this was after I wrote the article and as I don’t get a lot of free stuff I said Yeah ūüôā


Pembrokeshire will finally go fibreoptic

fibre-optic-cableOK, some of it. But it should all start happening in the spring of 2014. BT and and Superfast Cymru have announced the expansion of their super-fast internet based on fibre-optic technology in many exchanges in Pembrokeshire in the first half of 2014.

Haverfordwest will seem to be the first one as would be expected with a roll-out starting in March 2014. June 2014 will see a roll-out for exchanges in Pembroke, Johnston and Milford Haven, No news currently on other Pembrokeshire exchanges.


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The little wifi that thinks big

TP-Link TL-WR702NI don’t usually write reviews here but this little gadget I have recently laid my hands on deserves it without any hesitation.
My work makes me travel a lot and I stay in places that don’t have wifi access. Last year I bought a very capable and versatile Cisco/Linksys router E4200 but the problem is it is rather bulky. Not really made easy to travel around with.
But recently, completely by chance, I came across this little fella from TP-Link with the technical name TL-WR702N.

Really easy to work with. The back of the little box tells you on which IP address to find it on and then you go through the security settings. In about 5-10 minutes I was off. All you need to do it plug it into a LAN (RJ45) network socket like the ones you will find at the back of routers and into the power supply and that is it. The power cord is actually a USB cable so it will also get power if you plug it into your computer’s USB socket.

The best is left for last. You can pick one up from Amazon UK for a very tempting £16.49

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Poskus phishinga

Danes sem prejel e-pismo, ki me je Ňĺelelo preprińćat, da posodobim sovje podatke spletnega banńćniŇ°tva na SKB-ju, in to v precej polomljeni slovenŇ°ńćini.

Upam, da je to sporońćilo ńćim manj preprińćljivo, sicer pa povezava vodi na stran (, ki trenutno sploh ne deluje, poleg tega pa jo tako Firefox (14.0.1) in Chromium( 18.0.1025.168) zaznata kot nevarno stran in prikaŇĺeta zelo ońćitno in vidno opozorilo.

Tudi ńće sem kliknil naprej in si pogledal stran sem dobil napako 403 Forbidden. Slovenija verjetno ni tako pogosto Ňĺrtev takih napadov, sliŇ°al sem Ňĺe za phishing napad na NLB Klik, nisem pa, vsaj ne osebno, doŇĺivel phishing na

Malo podrobneje…

Stran vodi na spletno stran pod domeno in whois poizvedba po domeni vrne naslednje podatke:

Status:             ok
Created:            2011-08-30 10:01:20
Last Update:        2011-08-30 10:01:41
Expire Date:        2012-08-30

  Name:             Cristiano Predielis
  Organization:     Pulipull S.n.c.
  ContactID:        DFT-R-53594

Admin Contact
  Name:             Cristiano Predielis
  ContactID:        DFT-A-53594

Technical Contacts
  Name:             Unita Tecnica DominioFaidate
  Organization:     DominioFaiDaTe S.r.l.
  ContactID:        DFT-T-1

  Organization:     DominioFaiDaTe S.r.l.
  Name:             DFT-REG


Domena je, v tistem trenutku, kazala na IP Ň°tevilko, ki je v lasti ponudnika spletnih storitev – torej tudi v Italiji.

Zaposleni na Si-Certu ońćitno budno bdijo nad takimi pripetljaji in so tudi Ňĺe objavili opozorilo glede tega napada:

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My GMail account hacked by

Unfortunately my GMail account martin [dot] mcdowell got somehow hacked today and someone (or something) in China sent a spam message to all my 119 e-mail contacts in my address book at 15.35 this afternoon. The IP address the hack originated from was and is assigned to the Chinese ISP CNC Group CHINA169.

It looks like there was a Google-wide attack as their systems crashed. There are several reports of hacked accounts on Google forums. The message was just a spam and did not contain any viruses or worms in itself.

Subject: How are you doing,my dear friend?

How are you doing,my dear friend?

I am really happy now because i got my new iphone.haha…

I really want an iphone,you know that,right?

And i just found a cool place to buy it with a cheaper price.


Hope you can have a look.

Have a nice day and best regards!

For what its worth I have reported the matter to the police and I have also got in touch with the attacker’s internet service provider China 169. Unfortunately I have no suggestions, other than change your password regularly, on how anybody else should avoid this specific attack as I am convinced that both my computers are clean, one of them is even a GNU/Linux machine! I take security quite seriously but I do apologize to anyone who received this spam from my e-mail account.

Here is what I saw when I tried to access Google calendar about the time of the attack:

Update 24 November 2010

The one thing that angered me was that Google has a unusual activity detection system and even though I was on GMail at the time of the attack I saw no warnings. In fact the only warning I received as about 7h later at about 10pm. The original access table said the Chinese access came from a browser, now it says its ‘Unknown’.


Extortionate price of fixing an Olympus u700 compact camera

Just had a nasty surprise about my Olympus ¬Ķ700 compact camera I bought 3 years ago from Pixmania and cost me about ¬£164.

Last year it started to bleach/overexpose all outdoor photos. Defaulting to factory settings did not work. I finally called the Olympus UK support line this morning  and they told me that for that model they charge £90.77!!! to repair any kind of fault. Does not make any sense at all. That is just over £73 less than the price for when it was new.

Sort of reminds me of the story of inkjet printers with their high repair costs and overpriced ink cartridge prices.

Update April 2011

After contemplating what to do with it I threw it in the trash at our local recycle centre.

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Google StreetView hits Pembrokeshire

Taken from Google StreetView

Google StreetView’s coverage has been extended to about 90% of the country and that now includes Haverfordwest and Pembrokeshire. The images are pretty high quality. I have heard there is a bit of an anomaly with the High Street in Pembroke Dock as part of it was filmed in once season and the other part in another, with Christmas decorations still visible.

Taken from Google StreetView

As I did and most of the people I showed this to, also did, we went and had a look where we live and where we used to live. So go on, knock yourself out.

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