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Mt. Debela Peč, 1,014m

A great hike up a stunning mountain. The drive to the small carpark in the middle of nowhere is an experience in itself. Then you set off up a disused track and end up in a large open area called Klek plateau.
This is where the tricky part comes in, the most difficult part of the trip is the navigation. Trying to find the exit point to the path continuing towards the peaks of Debela Pec and Lipanca.
So if you are wandering it is exactly here: 46°23’41.5″N 13°57’33.8″E. Photo below is from that point.

Then you continue after a lovely forest trail going up and down and a bit around. Stunning scenery.

As you get higher the trees get less dense and you are met with views of the valleys below and the adjacent mountain peaks.

A little boat trip

Went on a little boat trip with some friends on the Cleddau river in Pembrokeshire. They even served us fish & chips and beer and wine. Very cool.

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