Bike trip round the USA 2013 Motorcycling

Day 1 of 29 – Flying there (for a long time)

First item on the menu is an apology. This was typed on my Samsung Galaxy phone and considering the quality of my usual typing on its virtual keyboard I think I will probably have some absolute spelling gems 😉

We should have taken off at 11am but I am not really sure we did. The weather up here very sunny and best of all you guys in Pembrokeshire might have seen me as we flew over Fishguard. I could actualy recognize the Cleddau river, Haverfordwest and what really put a smile on my face was a clear view of Marloes sands, Skomer and even Gateholm. Sooooo great 😀 am grinning ear to ear. Literally.
Just been served the nibbly bits which comprised of a microscopic bag of pretzels. Richmeister probably assumes we shoul all be on a diet.

Our on-board entertainment system is down and problem has been discussed with the ground Virgin Atlantic engineers.  Guess what …. they are turning it off and back on again. Takes me back to my IT days 😉

13:00 on-board entertainment fixed
13:30 what? How many “Die hard” movies have they made??
14:00 bored
15:00 booored
16:00 bohooored
16:30 over land again – at least land that I can see through the clouds. Lots and lots of snow. As far as I am concerned nothing to see here, carry on southwards, had enough of winter for this year anyhow.

This is past midnight UK time, past 6pm wtziai (whatever time zone I am in). I am sure I got stiffed by the cab driver who, instead of taking me on the straight route took me down two or three toll roads. Feel bad for giving him a tip.
Feels weird when everyone you know is asleep and you can’t chat with them online. Reminds me from when I was doing night duties in London last year.

Another topic … vending machines. Never seem to have any problems with them AT ALL when I am in the UK or Slovenia. Just see people hitting them in films – american films that is. And guess what. Got shafted the second time (the first time being the taxi driver) when the machine took the money but kept the drink. Luckily the staff were nice enough and vended me another one for free 😀