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Guitar shopping – Cort EVL Z2

evl-z2_031The day was good, the sun was up and the road was clear, well just to Haverfordwest golf club, after that I got stuck behind the never-ending queue of cars driving 40mph on a 60mph road 🙂 I’m not bitter. Really I am not.

Gamlins store CardiffMy final destination was Cardiff and Bristol although the latter was more as an alternative as I could not find any good music shops there over the internet.

In Cardiff I visited Cranes and Gamlins. The first was a renowned music shop established in 1851 but I found it difficult to browse the guitars as many of them were high up on the wall and the price tags so small that they were illegible. Gamlins seemed to have a better collection and the guitars weren’t stacked high because the ceiling just wasn’t that high anyway and the price tags were clearly visible. After passing the very tempting Gibsons that mostly cost over a grand I settled-in to the more affordable ones. I had a go at playing three quite different guitars and after a thorough test decided on the Cort EVL Z2. True it has a more hard sound than the other two I tried but it was much nicer to play and that in the end is quite important. Also I hope that the harder sound will be adjustable with the amp and different type strings but the ease the guitar is played cannot be changed easily or at all – I have learnt that very hard lesson from my acoustic 🙂


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3 replies on “Guitar shopping – Cort EVL Z2”

Just bought a Cort EVL-Z2 today, absolutely love it so far 🙂 hopefully it gives me no troubles but rather gives me many memories for the future 🙂

Hi Martin, I hope you get around to reading this, i’m looking into getting myself a Z2 as well, now I do like the hard sound it gives but I also like softer sounds and more alternative and blues stuff, do you still enjoy playing it (if you haven’t bought another guitar yet)? and did you manage to get some alternate sounds out of it through the amp or different strings, as you mentioned you hoped that you would be able to? This will be my first guitar, I have an acoustic that doesn’t play that easily but that’s what i’m practicing on for now.

I have actually given up guitar playing (for now) and haven’t used my EVL for about a year. you never know, it might still call on me another day. The pick-ups aren’t everything in a guitar. you can do a lot with just different strings. I think I have 11s on mine at the moment

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