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Is the Ryanair website really so bad

RuinairAccording to my experience, yes. I tell all Ryanair visitors in advance that this here is my personal opinion and will not allow the publication of rude comments from anyone.

I had the misfortune of booking my flight today only to be confronted with an error just at the point you would least like it – after purchase.

A while ago I found a blog post about a session problem with the Ryanair website here. OK, some bad responses from some Ryanair employees who basically did not apologize or acknowledge the problem. However here I am today using their website on this computer for the first time and just after confirming my credit card details get the message »Ryanair Session locked«. What does this mean? It did remind me of the problem mentioned on Jason’s blog as it involved problems with the sessions on the website transaction system.

I did get a confirmation by e-mail but I cannot verify my booking through the Ryanair website. OK, the natural thing would be to ask Ryanair about it. All they have for the UK is a hugely overpriced phone number 0905 566 0000 at £1.00 per minute!!! Why would I pay for Ryanair’s mistakes. So that made me a bit ticked off, hence this post.

Oh, yes, if Ryanair would like to contact me they can do so after paying me £5.00 for my troubles. And that goes for any possible comments for this post.

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9 replies on “Is the Ryanair website really so bad”

I am experincing difficulties too. I input all my details, quickly, no lollygagging and then a get the session locked. I waited for a couple of hours and no email. So I called my credit card company, nothing taken, so I paid again and AGAIN I have this stupid message. Will I pick Ryan Air again??? I don’t think so.

I am a regular computer/Internet user so it is not user error, I double checked the details before confirming, so it is not that either.

I hope Ryan Air monitor messages about themselves because this is awful, and NO I AM NOT going to be ripped off paying a £1 a minute for an error that is clearly their fault. Useless, absolutely useless, cheap is no excuse for something like this. No frills does not mean something as bad as this surely, makes you wonder how their planes stay in the air if they can’t manage a simple website!

If you hadn’t guessed already I’m FURIOUSLY FRUSTRATED!

Ryan Air for god sake get your act together. If you need a decent website I know a great company with a bunch of talented designers and programmers. Invest, as this looks like it a repetitive problem and had I known before I would not have bothered with you!

Hi Amanda

My commiserations. I see a lot of people searching for this trhough Google so the problem seems extensive as well as random. I have tried through my credit card company and failed as Ryanair produced some kind of proof of purchase. The problem is this is all to late as I had to arrange other air tickets to secure I would actually be flying on those chosen dates.
I will also choose not to travel with them in the future.

I also had a problem where their website crashed and booked me on another flight with different cities! Customer service was no help so I am going to have to take this to the credit card dispute. This is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. 🙁

Just had the same thing happen to me now. Got a confirmation email, but I fly tomorrow morning and can’t check in online. Will I get stung for £40 at the airport tomorrow? Or will I have to spend £1 a minute to check in over the phone? What a nightmare…


That is a nasty pickle. You don’t have the sort of time I had to complain. If I was you I would risk it and show up at the airport, unless the travel is essential. If you want to be sure you will just have to call them, you could demand a refund on the phone bill. Give that a try. Certainly there is a rip off either way. I will just avoid Ryanair completely from now on.

Over a full year later this error is still happening and, in fact, happened to me yesterday. I think this is the third time in total. But I never bother to check if everything is ok and usually everything is just that…ok. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this was a website feature designed to drive people to the expensive helpline! But as I always say to people complaining about ryanair, if you don’t like it go pay 10 times more to BA or Lufthansa with no direct connection.

This is so sad. The error still occurring. I did vow not to use them ever again and so far I have been able to stick to my guns. I find Easyjet much better and a much nicer experience.

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