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Marloes Sands

I have tried to visit this place before but the last time got a bit disappointed as there was the standard parking fee. Today was a very good time to see the place, sunny and not a lot of people on it. Oh yes, and the parking was free. By the way, I am all for conservation and good old cash goes a long way in conservation but ripping local of so that they can use the local nature is just wrong. The place sees a lot of tourists but the rest of Pembrokeshire-ians live here and want to enjoy the surroundings so why are the locals charges just as tourists are.

In any case, Marloes Sands is definately not to be missed if you visit Pembrokeshire. Different from lonf sandy beaches like Pendine, Newgale or Whitesands there is lots of interesting tectonics that make Marloes Sands very uniquie to the point of being eerie. I kept on expecting dinosaurs to come charging at me round the corner.

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There is no parking fee if you become a member of the National Trust who look after the car park at Marloes and Martins Haven. During the summer I would prefer my car to be parked in a manned car park. Also you have the benefit of visiting some great places like Colby Woodland Gardens for FREE.

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