Veterinary medicine

RCVS keen on sharing your data

During my recent review of my RCVS membership information online I came upon the main form in which you can amend various details like your address, contact info, qualifications etc.

However then I came to the section “Third party use of data” with the text


The compulsory published information may be sold or supplied to third parties for non-statutory purposes (for example charitable or commercial use) and may be sent outside the European Economic Area.
If you do not agree to this, please tick the box…

Now this is making me feel a little suspicious. Not sure of this was there last year, possibly, but what business does the veterinary regulatory body have sharing my information in the first place. And what makes it worse is that NOT having your information shared is an OPT-OUT procedure.

This means that you have to tick that box in order to not have your information shared. If you forget to tick it then your data is free to be shared by the RCVS.

Like the RCVS does not have other matters that should make it think about its internal proceedings.

Naughty RCVS!!