Redwood forests of northern California

So now I am in lala land. OK. A bit mean of me and certainly not fair to generalise a specific entertainment made in a particular part of Los Angeles to the whole state of California.
So far the surroundings are mesmerising. Its like riding in a scene of Jurassic park. Not even sure why they didn’t film the outdoor scenes here. Come to think of it, where did they film those scenes. I certainly don’t think it was done here.

These trees are just awesome. Its funny how I didn’t notice them at first but then I slowly realised that the trees around me were getting bigger and bigger. Then it hit me once I drove close to one of them. They are huge.

The photo was taken at a byway aptly called Avenue of the giants. Awesome. 🙂

Took a walk to a beach called the Hidden beach I was told about by the camp manager. The path is not very obvious and takes you down what looks like a jungle and then you finally emerge on this spectacular sandy beach with tonnes of driftwood on it. I really felt like a creature from the prehistoric past will come crawling on it. Took my first swim in the Pacific ocean and just as I waded in I started to wonder if there are things in these waters that would want to bite me. I am pretty sure there are but my brief swim in what felt like ice-cold waters went without any unpleasant teeth marks.
Just my luck and apparently inherited clumsiness (sorry Dad 🙂 I somehow managed to hurt my left knee and right ankle both at the same exact mistook step. Now I don’t know which leg I should be lame on. Bummer. Hope it gets better soon. Getting about this small Zephyros tent is bad enough as it us without having to endure additional pain when doing so.

Getting into the part of my journey where I am trying to figure out how to best spend these days and also get back to Chicago.

Need to go now. Being domestic tonight – doing my laundry and I thing the drying cycle might be over.