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Stonehenge = Made in the Preselis


This morning was going to be a another great day for hiking as the skies were clear and there was no rain forecast for the whole day. I was, again, following the great book Walking in Pembrokeshire – 41 circular walks in the National park. By the way, this was walk no 21: Carn Menyn and the »Bluestones«.

It took me a bit to find the correct site for parking as I kept switching between the book and the Ordnance survey map. I found it in the and and I was the only parked car there, not that there was much more space for more cars, anyway. The hike was quite easy and the gradient was never that steep, the Slovene in me made the trip even easier, the only thing my Slovene side could not cope with with was the very strong and quite cold wind. It was just about 0 centigrade according to my thermometer in my car. Up on the hill it was probably less and the streams were beginning to freeze over. That was a blessing in itself as the slope is very boggy and in some places quite tricky to cross the numerous streams.

Anyway, great trip with one very intriguing trivia associated with it. The Stonehenge stones were apparently harvested from this exact spot according to a geologist’s discovery back in 1922, although this is disputed by some. By the way, Stonehenge is 135 miles  (217km) away from this spot and were are talking about the direct route and you couldn’t exactly stick one of those babies in your pocket and carry them to England and they sure as hell won’t fit in the back of a Vauxhall Corsa 😉


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