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London visit – day 4 of 4

A shark in the big tank in the London Aquarium
A shark in the big tank in the London Aquarium

Not feeling very well in the morning of the last day, this cold has been getting the better of me and running around London does not help it getting any better. Drugging-up with anti-inflammatories not helped either.

The London Eye - close to the top
The London Eye – close to the top

First port of call was the London eye I booked the previous day on-line. Looks amazing when standing underneath it and the views of London once you are right at the very top are stunning. Wasn’t really sure how they get people on and off – I thought they had to keep on starting and stopping the whole wheel but in fact it just keeps on moving all the time at about 1 km/h and you have to be quick to get on and off. The whole trip takes about 30 minutes. There are two positions in each capsule – if you stand there you can get an automatic picture taken of you at the end of the ride.

Right next to the London eye is the very good London Aquarium. The smaller fish tanks are only a prelude to the absolutely amazing large tank – it is very enormous. You see it from different angles, from walking underneath it – or more like through a tunnel, then at the side of it higher up and even right on top of it with the sharks and like swimming beneath your feet.

After that was a quick jump to Regent street to visit the Apple store to buy some headphones for my iPod. The show is very big and needles to say it was packed – I guess there will be a lot of their gadgets under the tree this Christmas.

If you are in Southwark and close to Bermondsey street I would definitely advise to have a lunch at the Village Deli at the corner with Tanner street. It was on the way from the London Bridge tube station and the apartment I was staying at. I tried their chicken wrap and it was delicious.
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Schmap-ing me

The photo of Bristol Cathedral chosen for the fifth edition of the Schmap Bristol Guide

I received a mail today from an on-line publisher of digital travel guides called Schmap that my photo of Bristol Cathedral was chosen to be included in the fifth edition of the Schmap Bristol Guide.

I received an e-mail a while ago saying that the photo was short-listed for it and I didn’t think my photos were good enough for somebody to publish them in a guide. Well I am still not a great photographer, maybe not even a mediocre one as my equipment is testament to, but I am still proud to be chosen none the less 🙂

The page with my photo can be seen here.

Update 9. April 2010

I have heard from the Amroth Castle website that they want to publish a couple of my photos that I took at the Robin Hood filming location in Freshwater West.

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No smoking, please

The No Smoking sign, designed by one of the me...I see that Slovenia is quite behind the smoking ban that is in the process of being inforced across the EU. I arrived in Wales on the 7th of April and that was the weekend, when the ban started here. There was no big deal, however we will see what will happen in a few months time when the temperature drops. The ban was enforced just before the summer and it was followed by a very warm period. Many smokers took refuge in having a smoke outside bars and pubs. The ban was first imposed in Scotland a couple of weeks earlier and much later in England in August 2007.

Since the ban I have had the privilege to visit a pub and not come out stinking as an ashtray. And what I saw on the Slovene TV Dnevnik today was absolutely absurd, having a smoking evening with everybody lighting up and above all the ventilation was turned off. Mad!

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