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Llawhaden castle and the Eastern Cleddau

snowdropsThis was one of the walks from the book I mentioned before. This was walk no. 31. The village of Llawhaden is very easy to find as it is signposted on the A40. The parking is just before the castle. The path soon starts to be quite nice once you leave the broad muddy track and enter the woodland paths. I made a slight variation of the path and used the south path that leads you to the Holgan farm. To return to the rest of the trek described in the book you have to turn left and go up the paved road.

Once I came down the valley and passed the Dan-y-Coed farm I heard these shots going off on the other side of the valley. It sounded like a shotgun going off. I later found the probable aftermath of it – some circular clay objects I presumed to be used for shooting practice. Any gun enthusiast please correct me if I am wrong 🙂

Left the Llawhaden castle for the end of the trip.