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Ski Wednesday

My recent trip to Slovenia gave me the repeat opportunity to do some skiing again which I was looking forward of doing on the ski resort of Krvavec. I am proud to report no falls or injuries whatsoever.

The place was absolutely packed, probably due to the fact that it was in that weird time between Christmas and New Year and lots of people had the time off work. The other one was that the weather forecast was very good in the mountains. That was part of the problems with skiing as the snow got very wet and heavy very quickly. The highest ski slope Zvoh got closed at 1pm anyway. Luckily I only bought a four hour ticket so I avoided having to have to plough my way through most of the slopes.




Skiing on Vogel


Started off while it was still dark. Plan A was going to ski on Krvavec. No plan B at that time. Just as we left Cerklje there was a suspicious hold-up in the traffic which turned out to be due to the great number of cars – all heading for the same ski resort. My friend and I parked just soon after Cerklje , where the buses usually park. That meant  were were at least a few kilometres aways from the valley cable station. This didn’t sound good and quite surprising as it was a Tuesday and still a working day.

Vogel - the viewWe had to come up with a plan B double time or faced having to return home. Plan B came to be the Vogel ski resort which turned out to be a great idea. It took us about 45 minutes to get there and once we found a parking found no queue to go onto the cable lift.

However once we reached the top cable station we found out how right we were to choose this place. The views of the valley below and the surrounding mountains were stunning and there was also plenty of snow to enjoy – 260 cm (thats 8 and a half feet for my friends back in Wales 🙂
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