No smoking, please

The No Smoking sign, designed by one of the me...I see that Slovenia is quite behind the smoking ban that is in the process of being inforced across the EU. I arrived in Wales on the 7th of April and that was the weekend, when the ban started here. There was no big deal, however we will see what will happen in a few months time when the temperature drops. The ban was enforced just before the summer and it was followed by a very warm period. Many smokers took refuge in having a smoke outside bars and pubs. The ban was first imposed in Scotland a couple of weeks earlier and much later in England in August 2007.

Since the ban I have had the privilege to visit a pub and not come out stinking as an ashtray. And what I saw on the Slovene TV Dnevnik today was absolutely absurd, having a smoking evening with everybody lighting up and above all the ventilation was turned off. Mad!

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