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Waterfall of the Snow

Fullers Falls - Sgwd y Pannwr
These waterfalls are actually Fullers Falls, not the one in the title

This hike is worth talking about as it takes you round some spectacular views in the Brecon Beacons.

When I did the hike round Cwm Gwesyn the guide books told us about waterfalls but you saw was actually very small – especially compared to the waterfalls seen on this hike between Ystradfellte and Pontneddfechan.

One of the highlights of the walk is the fact that you can walk under one of the waterfalls names Waterfall of the Snow. Gets a little wet though if you hang around underneath it for to long – like I did trying to take photos.

Taking this hike will also introduce you to waterfalls with delightful names like The Lady Waterfall and the Waterfall of the Chieftain.
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entrance to the mine
entrance to the mine

As the book states this is a walk where you can see lots of nice views and hardly meet anyone. And it was true for me. Only people I met were some farmers on a field, however the fact that I did the walk on a Tuesday afternoon might have had something to do with it.

I was especially surprised to see an actual waterfall, not very big but a waterfall nonetheless.

A big word of warning, the hike was extended by about 45 minutes just because the local farmers have apparently torn off all the path markings. This makes manoeuvring the field a bit of a gamble. After you get up the very steep field and go through the gate and turn right. Now go to the end of the field to the corner and turn left. There should be a very poorly visible stile. Once crossed continue on the left side of the field to the left corner where there should be a gate leading onto a path which then meets another path. Turn right and you should carry onto into the valley on the zig-zag road mentioned in the book.