Bike trip round the USA 2013 Motorcycling

Yellowstone national park

Day 8 was a travelling day from Rapid city, SD to Cody in Wyoming on the entrance to Yellowstone national park.
Got lost a little in Worland and took an unwilling detour through a town called Thermopolis.
Didn’t find a suitable camp so I took a room in a motel. And just by chance I found this charming lodge called the Grizzly Lodge in a small town of Silver Gate. This town is somewhat in the middle of nowhere, tucked between the hills north and south, Beartooth pass to the east and Yellowstone to the west. Very basic but very charming, no TV, so to speak – we did have a TV in the room but no TV signal. The owner did play a couple of DVDs every night but I didn’t get to watch any. As the main evening entertainment they lit a bonfire in the garden and invited guests  to have to have a bottle of beer. Amazeballs 🙂 Unfortunately it was so wet and cold that on both evenings couldn’t stay very long but did get to meet some nice people. The first night it was a guy from Germany visiting his son but doing some sightseeing for himself before he sees him, there was also a group of teachers on a learning visit to Yellowstone to find out more about the problems of trying to preserve the nature and wildlife as it was and to somehow co-exist with the farmers surrounding Yellowstone. One of the biggest problems was brucellosis in the buffalo. On occasions the buffalo would cross the Yellowstone national park boundaries and get into contact with the farmer’s cattle and potentially infecting them.



On this photo you can see them right in Silver Gate, just across the road from Grizzly Lodge, where I was staying.

The second night the electricity went in the whole town because of the wind causing one of the trees to fall on the power cable. I was in the eatery next door and both the owners of the eatery and the lodge managed to get generators going so the power came back. At least the heating worked OK and boy did we need it. It was so cold I had frost on my bike in the morning.



The Yellowstone park is amazing and has such a variety of surroundings, from the almost alpine serenity to almost desert-like hills, sulphur gushing geysers – of course I have to mention the Old Faithful, but there are many many more smaller ones in the park.