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The full Malverns, up and down

I finally made it. Hiked all the way up the Malverns and then back again. A total of about 30 km in 6 hours, 45 minutes. Doing these distances does help build up the stamina for the uphill parts of the Kilimanjaro route. However should not neglect the final day when we will descend the mountain where we will do about 20 km which should take us 5-6 hours.

However am taking quite a beating on my feet, something not completely right with my old hiking boots, a pair of Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX. Keep getting nasty shooting pain in toes and foot. I’ll be seeing a shop in Hereford that should help me out as I think I might have to get a new pair of hiking boots for the rest of my training and the Kilimanjaro.

Another training day

A glorious sunny Saturday on the May Bank holiday weekend.
This time I started at the southern end at Chase End and worked my way north. Was able to reach Upper Wyche. Still have not reached the goal of doing the whole Malvern Hills up and down (or the other way for that matter). 

The hills especially round the southern part of the Malverns were covered in violet, all down to the abundance of bluebells. At one point as I was walking on a path near Hollybush the whole one side of the path was covered with white from wild garlic and the other violet from bluebells.

A hike up Pen-y-fan

A training hike up Pen-y-fan on a Easter weekend.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro – The start of the adventure

Image by Greg Montani from Pixabay

In this case with booking. I heard of a friend using the company Intrepid Travel several years ago when she went on a fabulous trip to south America.
Have been itching to do something myself and a few weeks ago saw in idea about climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. At 5,895 metres its not an easy endeavour, certainly the highest and the longest I have ever hiked. It shouldn’t be to technically difficult but it is gruesome. And then there is the altitude. Haven’t been that high skydiving.

I have also decided to fundraise but not to stuff it down your throats and make you feel awful for not opening your wallet but more like… You don’t have to, but if you want to, you can donate to one of the charities I have chosen:

I lost a very good friend to pancreatic cancer years ago and I have been donating to them little by little every month.

Vetlife is a great charity that supports welfare of veterinary surgeons and gives them support by phone and email. As a vet myself I am very much aware of the mental health issues in our profession and am supporting Vetlife to further the understanding the stresses in a vet’s life.

Slovenia, December 2018

A great evening autumnal joyride near Brockhampton and the river Wye

Moving to Herefordshire was one of the more challenging things to do but its lovely to see how beautiful the countryside can be.

Lawrenny and Creswell Quay

Lawrenny woods

I deleted my Facebook account

I have been deliberating this for a while and I have finally decided to delete my Facebook account. I have disabled it in the past but now with all the news about data exploits its a no brainer.

A visit to Slovenia, October 2017

Haven’t been here for 10 months and have missed the place. Just look at the views.


Robert Joseph McDowell

November 4th 1938 – April 29th 2017


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