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A great forest walk in the Pentre Evan nature reserve

Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber
Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber

Nice contrast from the Rosebush walk I took yesterday. This walk is no 40 called Pentre Evan Nature Reserve and I just a great forest walk with some hill climbing thrown in as well.

This was also the walk that was the most confusing as the instructions in the book did  not help in many parts of the woods. I got badly lost once and had to back-track quite a bit to get to the right path again.

Also worth mentioning that that a couple of fields at the end of the walk before you re-enter the woods for the last time have been ploughed and will be very difficult to walk once something grows on it or after a downpour.

Again this walk is very appealing, especially if it has been dry for a few days/weeks so there is less mud to deal with. I just wished I had a dog with me.

Also I found out to late that the four rock formations at the top of Carnedo Meibion-Owen  are off limits as there is some rare lichens growing on them?? I managed to pick the only one formation (the second) that had the warning sign destroyed and climbed on top to have a rest. Hope the relevant people correct the problem and put up the sign.


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