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Dara Ó Briain in Bristol on 2 March 2010

Photo: The Sun

This was the first time I have gone to a headlining stand-up comedy show. The one in the comedy store in London was similar in ways very very different. This was in a proper theatre and there was no intimidation or any kind of boo-ing coming from the crowd. In fact there was a fare bit of very well humoured picking of certain members of the crowd from Dara’s side.

I have seen Dara on many TV shows, primarily on Mock the Week. By the way, I hope to see his former colleague from that same show Frankie Boyle, next month in Swansea. The show itself was great and the seat I had was very good, quite close to the stage, but not close enough to be picked on – or spat on: In some of Dara’s exuberant verbal outburtsts there was some obvious salivary discharge being made and very visible from the angle I was seeing it from (sorry Dara :-).

As I am reading his wiki page I see he is only 8 months older than me. I feel quite humble, but I do beat him in the hair quantity department 😉 At least something. As many will know he actually is a very tall fella and as he stands on the edge of the stage he looks even more imposing. You wouldn’t want to be in a fight with him, he’d probably beat you in a second flat.

His tour has only just began and it will be going on all over the country. See Dara’s personal website for more info.

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